Hirst Personal Training offers bespoke Personal Training in Leeds & on-site Workplace Wellness. The business has been helping individuals and teams improve their health, wellbeing and fitness since 2008.

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Our tem members are qualified in the following areas:

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV

Injury Rehabilitation & Lower Back Pain

Nutrition & Weight Management

Advanced Personal Training

Field Athletics Coaching, Football Coaching, Kettlebell Coaching & Boxercise Coaching

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We can provide 30-60 minute classes at your workplace at a suitable time making it easier than ever for your employees to exercise. Our classes are fun, effective, and are suitable for all levels of fitness. We are currently the registered supplier of ASDA Wal-mart Plc. 


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Physical fitness, fun, team games, individual, team and partner work, all form the basis of our sessions. We understand the needs of a modern workforce and use team building and variety to create a bond between everyone and provide an invigorating and energizing experience for all taking part!


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If your employees are healthy, then they’ll be happy too. An active workforce means improved motivation and morale as well as fewer sick days. Helping your employees to keep fit has never been more important. See what we can do for your company today.


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  • I have found Hirst Personal Training to be extraordinary physical trainers of tremendous versatility, intelligence and discipline... and it's a lot of fun too! The team has a great knowledge of body mechanics and are capable of determining the individual abilities of their clients. Their pleasant and positive attitude is a great asset to their willingness to work with his clients at their own levels. The team instils confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently. I would not hesitate to consult Hirst Personal Training for any future projects. They came highly recommended to me and surpassed all expectations that I had.

    James Musgrave, Senior Director, Retail Innovations, ASDA

  • Becoming a ‘Bootcamp Warrior’ was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only has it increased my fitness and energy levels but it has helped me lose weight, tone up, de-stress and generally become healthier and happier. The classes are really varied so never get boring and the team are brilliant motivators... all you need is a little dedication and you’ll see results #winning

    Lindsey Phillips, Media & Comms Planning Manager at ASDA

  • I worked with Hirst Personal Traning last year initially to set up the ASDA Bootcamp – definitely not for the feint hearted as the biggest commitment is the regular 6am start. The classes work to cater for all abilities so whatever your level of fitness... whether you just want to get started or you want to push your level of fitness up for a competitive race or get ready for the ski season then this class comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    Julie Eustance, Retail Professional

  • Hirst Personal Training run fitness classes at my place of work and they are fantastic! If you want to increase your fitness levels, tone up and release some tension, then sign up! I would recommend their service to anyone who is serious about improving their fitness and health, but the best thing is that you can train at your own personal level and if the team thinks that you can work hard, they will surely let you know!

    Soraya Ahad, Labour Relations Manager, ASDA

  • I've been training with Hirst Personal Training since February and seen some incredible results. To date I have lost over 5 stone! My blood pressure has gone from dangerously high to normal. The team's support has been fantastic throughout and they are always on hand to answer my questions. The team has helped me with my diet too and advised me on a balanced sustainable diet and not a short fix diet. Every training session is varied and they gave me ideas on exercising away from the gym. Hirst Personal Training helped me knock 33 minutes off my 10K time! I would highly recommend the team to anyone looking for personal training.

    John Turner, Service Manager at Stearn Electrical

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